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Tomasz Rogula
+48 32 32 48 549

Aleksandra Czech
+48 32 32 505

Katarzyna Witek
+48 32 32 48 429

We’re looking for a person willing to start a job as a trainer in the project called: “E-Mocni cyfrowe umiejętności, realne korzyści”.

Due to a great interest in the project “E-Mocni cyfrowe umiejętności, realne korzyści”, we’re looking for a person to work as a trainer. The main task is to teach the classes developing computer-related skills, using the internet and e-mail. Participants will be divided in the following age groups: 18 - 34, 35 – 43, 44 – 64 or 65 plus. Classes will be run in small groups – not bigger than 6 people. Other tasks of a new trainer will be to recruit new participants, prepare a plan of classes, promote the training and other.   

The finishing date of the project is June 30th, 2019.  

Everyone interested in the offer is kindly asked to contact Social Affairs Department, phone number: (32) 32 48 462.

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