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Tomasz Rogula
+48 32 32 48 549

Aleksandra Czech
+48 32 32 505

Katarzyna Witek
+48 32 32 48 429


30 Krakowska Street,
43-190 Mikołów
phone: (32) 327 30 27
opening hours: 
Monday to Friday: 5:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.  
Director: Grażyna Moczko, M.A

The Child and Youth Care Centre in Mikołów is a state administrative entity.  The purpose of the centre is to provide basic care and therapeutic treatment to children and youth from dysfunctional families, as well as other children while their parents/legal guardians are at work. The tasks of the Child and Youth Care Centre in Mikołów include:

- providing childcare, which makes it possible for their mothers to work and go to school,
- ensuring conditions for children's proper development  , both physical and mental,
- providing proper nutrition to children,
- ensuring appropriate conditions for learning and playing,
- creating conditions for learning how to: 
- establish social relations and emotional bonds with adults and  peers,
- behave in a socially acceptable way,
- assistance in resolving learning difficulties, teaching how to deal with them
- conducting activities of the Centre in the way which respects family tradition, dignity and personality differences in children.


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