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Tomasz Rogula
+48 32 32 48 549

Aleksandra Czech
+48 32 32 505

Katarzyna Witek
+48 32 32 48 429

Town Treasurer
Danuta Jasińska Gdaniec

16 Rynek, room 32, 43-190 Mikołów
phone: (32) 324 85 02

In particular, the Town Treasurer is responsible for:

- supervision over the following organizational units:

- Financial Department

- Tax Department


- revising formal aspects of a draft of the Town budget; drawing up guidelines and coordinating the work of organizational units in the preparation of materials for the budget draft,

- making analysis of the Town budget execution and providing, on regular basis, information about the results of analyzes to the Mayor,

- countersigning agreements related to budget execution,

- supervising the circulation of information and financial documents,

- supervising financial management of the organizational units and entities, supported from the Town budget

-  acting in the capacity of a direct superior of the heads of departments and organizational units; specifying the scope of activities for them and making applications, concerning personnel issues of the Town Office employees,
- performing other assignments as required by legal regulations or instructions of the Mayor 

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