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For English contact:

Tomasz Rogula
+48 32 32 48 549

Aleksandra Czech
+48 32 32 505

Katarzyna Witek
+48 32 32 48 429

Town Mayor,

Stanisław Piechula, Ph.D., Eng.
16 Rynek, room 36, 43-190 Mikołów
phone: (32) 324 85 05


Office hours:

by making an appointment through secretary's office, room 35:

every Monday: 3:00 P.M. - 5.00 P.M.

every Wednesday: 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.


In particular, the Town Mayor is responsible for:

- execution of powers of a superior of the Town Office employees and the heads of the organizational units; evaluation of appointed employees' qualifications,

- granting powers to the Town Secretary for making decisions on the Mayor's behalf,

- submitting drafts of resolutions, drawn up by the Town Hall organizational units to the Town Council,

- making decisions on public administration issues,

- signing letters and documents,

- granting powers to make decisions on individual public administration issues by the authority of or on behalf of the Town Mayor,

- making statements of intent concerning property-related issues within the framework of daily property management,

- approval of the scope of activities of the Town Hall organizational units,

- appointment of the Disciplinary Proceedings Representative from among appointed employees,

- announcing budget for the town

- acting in the capacity of the head of Town Civil Defence,

- submitting instructions and resolutions of the Town Council on the Town budget to the regulatory authorities,
- submitting reports on completion of commune's obligations to the Town Council. 

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