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Tomasz Rogula
+48 32 32 48 549

Aleksandra Czech
+48 32 32 505

Katarzyna Witek
+48 32 32 48 429

Mikołów is a special place.
It finely combines the opposites - modern industry and art, nature and civilization, the new and the old. It is as good a place for successful investments as it is for searching artistic inspiration.

Our website is a virtual invitation to visit Mikołów.
I wish it is not only a source of information for people who do not live here but also an invitation for further cooperation with us and an incentive to visit us. I know from my experience that if you come here once you will want to come again and that is why I would like to invite you to Mikołów.

The spirit of our town is its community. I hope that the town office web site will help you, the citizens of Mikołów, to manage your daily affairs, exchange information and will also  inspire you to get involved in the life of the town. It is after all  you who make Mikołów a place full of energy, a nice place to live, raise children, work, learn and enjoy your leisure time. 

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