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5 bike paths runs across the town and municipality of Mikołów. They were prepared thanks to subsidy from the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice. The total length of the paths is about 30 km. They run as follows:

- path 43.190-08, connecting Paniowy and Mokre, further runs to the southern borders of Mikołów municipality (connection with Łaziska Górne),

- path 43.190-09, the basis of the future bike and education paths of the Silesian Botanical Garden being created in Mokre,

- path 43.190-10, connecting Śmiłowice, Kamionka and Katowice – near Starganiec pond,

- path 43.190-12, connecting Mikołów center with Mokre, being presently the central point connecting the paths 43.190-08, 43.190-09 and 43.190-12,

- path 43.190-35, starting at the path 43.190-10 in Kamionka district then through Gniotek and the southern part of the town connecting with the path 43.190-12.


1.  Town Hall in Mikołów, 1872 r., presently Town Office seat.
2.  Registered Planty Park from 19th century.
3.  Madonna of Snow church from 13th century
4.  Saint Adalbert’s Basilica from 19th century.
5.  Limestone kilns – area of the Silesian Botanical Garden.
6.  Bunkers belonging to the Fortified Area of Silesia.
7.  Saint Nicholas’s Church from 18th century in Borowa Wieś.
8.  Saint Apostles Peter and Paul’s church from 18th century in Paniowy.
9.  Black Madonna’s of Częstochowa church in Śmiłowice.
10. Saint Nicholas’s church from the beginning of 16th century in Bujaków.

The next steps in bike paths creation will be joining the paths of Bujaków and Borowa Wieś into the network and connecting it with Ruda Śląska, Wyry, Tychy, Orzesze and one more path leading to Katowice.


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