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There are a few tourist trails leading through Mikołów and the neighborhood.

Trail of the Parachute Tower Heroes 

- red marks,

- trail: Silesian Insurgents Monument in Katowice – Parachute Tower - Ligota - Stare Panewniki - Zadole - Starganiec - Jamna – Mikołów Center - Goj - Mokre - Kolonia Huta - Sośnia Góra - Bujaków – castle in Chudów.

The trail leads through the towns and places in which soldiers of the Polish Army, Silesian insurgents and scouts fought with Nazi troops coming to Silesia in September 1939. The total length of the trail starting at the Silesian Insurgents Monument in Katowice and finishing at the castle in Chudów, is 38,6 km. Mikołów’s part of the trail runs nearby the bunkers and remains of reinforcements belonging to the Fortified Area of Silesia.

Szlak Historii Górnictwa Górnośląskiego

- yellow marks,

- trail: Rybnik - Czerwionka-Leszczyny – Bełk – Orzesze – Mikołów - Katowice - Siemianowice Śląskie – Brzeziny Śląskie – Bobrowniki – Rogoźnik - Siemonia - Łubianki.

The trail joins the towns related to history of mining in Upper Silesia. On its way are the objects representing mainly hard-coal mining. The total length of the trail, leading from  Rybnik through Mikołów and Katowice to Rogoźnik and Łubianki is 100 km.

Szlak Krawędziowy GOP

- green marks,

- trail: Gliwice – Przyszowice – Chudów – Paniówki – Borowa Wieś – Ruda Śląska (Halemba) - Mikołów - Tychy – Lędziny - Chełm Śląski – Chełmek.

The trail making the original boarder of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region, leads through Mikołów market square, then runs next to the Old Church and Saint Adalbert’s Basilica. Worth seeing is vantage point at Gronie Hill from which by good weather one can see the panorama of Silesian Beskid. The total length of the trail leading from Gliwice through Mikołów and Tychy to Chełm Śląski is 78 km.

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