Stanisław Michalski – in memoriam

Stanisław Michalski – in memoriam

Stanisław’s passing was very unexpected. It wasn’t even 2 weeks ago that Staszek called me to ask about the subjects we both had worked on.  He wanted to be up to date and as soon as possible come back to his passion – Bujaków, Mikołów and working for our citizens. He asked me to greet everyone and ensured that he would soon come back to us.

In the moments like today’s funeral, I see the moments spent with the person who passed. In the case of Staszek these were of course discussions and plans concerning our town and especially Bujaków, his beloved little motherland.
Saying „Good bye” to you Staszek – a wonderful man and councilor – I want to thank you so much for:
– your engagement and devotion,
– your service and mission,
– for honesty and your worth imitating way,
– thank you for your knowledge, good advice and ideas, that you supported me with in my first steps as a Mayor. I know we will be missing your help.
On behalf of the staff of town office and its entities I would like to thank you for your reliable cooperation.
The fact we gathered here in great number not only proves our sorrow after your passing but also shows our respect for your merits and is an expression of gratitude for you.
We will always have you in our hearts. We say farewell in the hope to meet again.

Rest in peace
Mayor of Mikołów
Stanisław Piechula

On behalf of councilors of Mikołów Town Council of both the present and previous terms I express condolences to the grief stricken family, relatives, Bujaków citizens and I say thank you Stanisław for so many years of work for our community.
How will we – municipality representatives – remember you? Always modest, disinterested, sensitive to social injustice, committed to what’s good, quiet and mastered, a role model to the young, patriot.
All you took on you was always perfectly done.
Your thoughts, experience, knowledge on local government and decisions taken were changing the course of history in our little motherland of Mikołów. Dear Stanisław, you’ve already become a part of our history, the good history of Mikołów.

Rest in peace
President of Mikołów Town Council
Michał Rupik

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Stanisław Michalski – in memoriam
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