Mikołów logo competition solved

Kindly inform that the Competition Committee has selected the Mikolow logo. The winner has already been informed about Commission’s decision.

There were 174 projects from all over the Poland submitted in the competition, 4 of which were rejected due to formal reasons.

Evaluation was conducted in several steps. All the works had been made anonymous by marking them with numbers. The top final group consisted of 8 projects which were put to a very detailed analysis. The project given the highest amount of points was declared to be the winner.

Since the beginning competition evoked lots of emotions therefore we would like to present the result of it as soon as possible. Due to the fact that a sign reference book and a special presentation need to be drawn up, the public presentation of the logo has to be shifted to a bit later time than originally planned Days of Mikołów. Kindy ask you for just a bit more patience.

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Mikołów logo competition solved
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