In 14th century
Trading fair in Mikołów

In 14th century Mikołów came under Bohemian rule and in the 16th century it became a part of the Habsburg monarchy.
The town was built on the crossroads of major trading roads, for centuries its residents were farmers, craftsmen and traders.
In 1545 Ferdinand I, the King of Bohemia, granted the residents of Mikołów the right to make Tuesday a market day and two organize two trading fairs in a year ? in June and in October. The trading fair strengthened the position of the town.
In 16th and 17th centuries Mikołów was an important cattle trading center on the route leading from Moldova and Ukraine to Silesia and Moravia. Cattle trading was also approved by the Duchy of Pszczyna.  Townsmen also enjoyed brewing and distilling privileges.

Year 1547 is another important date in the town’s history. It was then that Jan Turzo, the owner of Pszczyna lands granted the town charter, based on which a town council consisting of four town councilors was appointed every year. One of them held the function of a mayor and chairman of the council.

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