The old Mikolów was never rebulit
Two aldermen

The old Mikołów was never rebuilt but a new city started developing on the other side of Jamna stream which now runs underground. It was established based on German law and was the origin of the present city center  with the main square and adjacent streets.

It was also then that the first church dedicated to St. Adalbert was built. It is now referred to as the Old Church and has a second patron – Our Lady of Snows.

In 13th century an alderman with a hereditary  farm, appointed by the owner, became the town’s leader. Podfarze, a separate town district, was established around the old St. Adalbert church and had its own alderman and judicial system.

Mikołów used to be a private town – in 1287 it belonged to knight Jan z Grabia. The next owner was Jan z Wierzbna who was given the town by Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus in 1476. In 1536 Mikołów was already owned by princes ruling over Pszczyna lands and remained their property until early 19th century. It was ruled by Turzo family (until 1548), Promnitz family (1548-1765) and Anhalt family (1765-1808).

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