Survey on Town Office external clients’ satisfaction


As per Mikołów Mayor resolution no. 469/442/2015 of September 15, 2015 Town Office of Mikołów as every year conducted a survey on external clients’ satisfaction. Its purpose is to collect opinions on level of people’s satisfaction with the services provided. The opinions will help to adjust the way of providing services to the needs and expectations of the Office clients.


Survey sheets and the urns for votes can be found in the main Office’s lobby on the ground floor  at Rynek 16 as well as on the 1st floor of the “White House” at Karola Miarki 15.


You can also cast your vote by the internet:


He survey will last until November 30, 2016. We ensure you that the survey is fully  anonymous, and its result will be used to draw up a report.

Kindly invite all Town Office’s clients to Take part in the survey!

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Survey on Town Office external clients’ satisfaction
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