Statistical survey ? important information

Taking into account increasing number of acts that undermine trust to pollsters, here is what everyone should know about statistical survey.

Among all statistic research conducted, public survey plays a special role in the process of social changes monitoring.

–  surveys are conducted by method of representative sampling in the whole country: in selected houses, flats, households, farms, border points, shops, etc.,
–  surveys are conducted by pollsters ? statistical office staff who gain information directly from respondents ? in the form of interview or on the phone; sometimes it is possible that a respondent fills the form out on their own,
–  confidentiality of information given by respondents is guaranteed; secret principle is strictly obeyed,
–  results of surveys are widely used: they make up the basis for analyses, publications concerning different spheres of life; data makes up the basis for taking strategic decisions and local initiatives, creating development plans on all management levels; they are also of use to every citizen.

The list of surveys conducted in 2016 by public statistics and the forms used are presented here

The success of surveys, their completeness and hence quality depend to a large extent on respondents? favor.

Any media information about cheaters pretending to be pollsters make that people become distrustful and do not want to talk with strangers. We fully understand taking care about one?s own safety, especially in case of elderly and alone living people.  Yet what counts in representative sampling based on random sample and generalized, is every answer to pollster?s question (personally, or on the phone), every answer impacts survey?s result.

Below you will find necessary information about pollsters:
Pollster conducting a survey may do it only with a valid ID card and authorization. The document should prove pollster?s identity as Statistics Office employee.

The identity of pollster?s working in Silesia can be proven:
? by calling 32 77 91 291, 32 77 91 200 ext. 291 or mobile 695 255 244
? using e-mail to Dorota Gwóźd e-mail

You may also first check the identity of a pollster calling to Statistics Office in Katowice and then set the date for a visit. By so doing you will feel safer and at the same time will enable the pollster to carry out their duties.
Link to ID cards and authorization documents:

We also inform that we undertook action to popularize survey research. The action is called ?Statistics Office pollster may knock on your door?. Here is the link presenting leaflets on currently carried out surveys You will find information who takes part in the survey, what its purpose and meaning are and when it is going to be conducted  (direct interview, on the phone, Internet).

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Statistical survey ? important information
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