Pay your tax in Mikołów

Pay your tax in Mikołów

Our town has started information campaign encouraging our citizens to pay taxes in Mikołów. It is to convince tax payers – also those who live in our town but are not registered here – to submit their tax declarations in our Revenue Office.

– It turns out that quite large group of our population is mistaken to think that they should put down their legal domicile in the PIT declaration (just as it is stated in their ID cards). They cannot be more wrong. According to tax-related provisions, it should be the address of your current stay – says Adam Giza Town Office Spokesman. That’s why the town authorities have started the campaign the aim of which is to encourage citizens to pay taxes in Mikołów.

– The goal is to convince the rest of the citizens living in Mikołów with residential addresses in other towns that it is worth to provide Mikołów address in their tax declarations and submit them to the Revenue Office in Mikołów. We are sending leaflets, sharing news in social media on how to make tax settlement declarations. Our Revenue Office is of help during working hours. Additionally we remind that everyone who has already submitted their declaration in other town, may come to the Revenue Office and revise it free of charge using  ZAP 3 sheet and providing Mikołów in the address field. It is worth stressing that the taxes paid are used among other things for town infrastructure development, budgets of community units, development of schools, kindergartens and culture institutions, etc.

To sum up – if you want Mikołów to be beautiful and modern, please pay taxes in our community – says Adam Giza.

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Pay your tax in Mikołów
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