Participatory Budget II – voting results

We present the winners of the 2nd edition of the participatory budget in Mikołów. 14 local projects and 3 town projects qualified to be carried out.

Congratulations to the authors of winning projects!
Thank you all who voted and got engaged in the participatory budget!

Detailed information on particular projects and number of votes can be fund at

Here you can find the voting turn-out. The highest in the district no. 7- Mokre: 32,23%!

District no. 4 Reta – 22,86%
District no. 8 Śmiłowice -16,67%
District no. 10 Bujaków ? 16,47%
District no. 5 Borowa Wieś ? 15,94%
District no. 2 Centrum 2 ? 14,32%
District no. 3 Centrum 3 ? 13,62%
District no. 1 Centrum 1 ? 12,35%
District no. 9 Kamionka ? 11,19%
District no. 6 Paniowy – 9,49%

As per the regulations of the participatory budget Chapter 6 §24 per. 5 the unused means from the local and town pools come to the district with the highest turn-out ratio. In the 2nd edition of the participatory budget it is district no. 7- Mokre. Thanks to the fact we can expect some financial savings after the bidding procedure for realization of the 2nd participatory budget project, it will be possible to carry out another investment in Mokre (only under condition there will be enough financial means).

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Participatory Budget II – voting results
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