Mikołów works on the Municipal Revitalization Program for 2016-2025

Municipality of Mikołów works on the Municipal Revitalization Program (MRP). Based on that document Municipality is going to carry out tasks aimed at increasing our citizens’ quality of living and fighting social, economic and spatial problems. Realization of the tasks will enable to improve standard of living, leisure infrastructure and economic development.

Please, fill in the questionnaire

The aim behind revitalization process is to fulfill the needs of different groups of Mikołów citizens. That is why your opinion matters to us. We’d like to encourage you to fill in the questionnaire which will be used to define areas that need to be improved. Survey results will make up an important source of  information to create the document, thus we ask you to provide sincere and complete answers. Full anonymity is guaranteed – survey results will only be presented collectively. Thank you to participate. The questionnaire can be filled in until March 3, 2016. Here is the link:


The Municipal Revitalization Program makes up a part of: “Sub-strategy of public space design (including revitalization of degraded areas and taking actions to develop public spaces to strengthen local social bonds) for 2016-2025 with Operation Plan”. Project is financed from the means of European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

More information about Municipal Revitalization Program can be found here (information on the program).

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Mikołów works on the Municipal Revitalization Program for 2016-2025
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