Let’s vote for the family playground in Mikołów!

Nivea Company organizes a contests entitled ”Podwórko Nivea” (”Nivea Block”) the aim of which is to identify 40 locations in the whole Poland where family playgrounds will be built. The towns will compete with one another in an on-line voting. It’s the citizens who will decide about the final winner. Voting starts tomorrow – April 1st and will last until May 31st.   

Municipality of Mikołów applied with the area located between Norwida estate and  Podleska street. The playground over there is now in a very poor technical condition and does not fulfill expectations of the youngest. What is also important the location meets criteria resulting of the contest regulatios. 

The location submitted by Municipality of Mikołów will be presented on the website  www.nivea.pl/podworko in the tag Twoja lokalizacja – Mikołów ul. Podleska.
We will inform you about the results of voting on our website www. mikolow.eu as well as on the official facebook profile of the Town Office of Mikołów. You may vote one time everyday.  

Let’s all participate!

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Let’s vote for the family playground in Mikołów!
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