How to handle GIS – practical video self-help

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a very useful tool. It’s a map of Mikołów and neighboring areas with lots of useful information. Thanks to the system we can search plots, addresses, streets, have a look at spatial development plans, measure distances and areas, identify objects, print maps or export data to sheets and text editors.

At first using the interface could seem a bit difficult – it’s not the case yet. Actually it’s very simple and to make it even more comfortable to the user, Town Office prepared special videos with instructions how to use the system. Mrs. Agnieszka Siudzińska of the Office for IT Systems Development explains step by step different functionalities.
It’s also worth remembering that GIS includes a module called ”Budżet Obywatelski” where you can find projects that won in the 1st edition of Participatory Budget, projects submitted for the 2nd edition and the ones that won.

Below you can find useful links:……/start/o-projekcie/pliki-do-pobrania

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How to handle GIS – practical video self-help
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