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17. October 2017


Due to more intense road traffic on the All Saints’ Day, the Town Office kindly invites to use the public transportation.
On Wednesday, November1, 2017 passengers are entitled to use all MZK Tychy and KZK GOP lines free of charge.
On that day MZK Tychy buses will be scheduled as on Sundays and holidays, whereas KZK GOP lines will be scheduled as on Saturdays (some lines will be scheduled on special basis, marked as “All Saints’ Day).

The lines K, J and P will also operate on that day, and the line 655 will be scheduled as on working days.

More information available on the websites below: http://www.mzk.pl/


09. October 2017

Candidates to the Senior Citizen Advisory Council

The election meeting of candidates to the Senior Citizen Advisory Council will be held on Oct. 13th  2017 at 1:00pm at the Town Office in Mikołów (Rynek 16 room no. 11)

List of the candidates:
1. Andrzej Reguła
2. Dorota Podlodowska- Graczyńska
3. Janina Sojka
4. Edyta Majchrzak
5. Jan Kuszka
6. Krystyna Świerkot
7. Stanisław Waletko
8. Stanisława Wałoszek
9. Janina Kornas
10. Urszula Tkocz
11. Alicja Janota
12. Stefania Jurkowska
13. Krystyna Zielonka
14. Gabriela Bojdoł
15. Janina Piecha
16. Władysława Broczek


05. October 2017

Why not get a plant

Do you own some electric equipment you don’t use anymore?
Is your house piled with electric stuff you no longer need?
Come to the main square on Oct 13th and exchange your ”e-garbage” to a plant!
The event kick-offs at 10:00am and will last till 2:00pm.
More details in the rules below.


1. The event is organized by: Mikołów District and REMONDIS Górny Śląsk Sp. z o. o.  Piotra Skargi 87 st., 41-706 Ruda Śląska.
2. The event will be held on Oct. 13th 2017 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Place: Mikołów, Main Square.
3. Every natural person leaving in Mikołów can exchange wasted electric equipment to a voucher, with the following criteria met:
*small equipment – 1 voucher per 3 items e.g. mobile phone, calculator, e-clock, keyboard, computer mouse,
*medium-sized equipment – 1 voucher – hair dryer, mixer, radio, micro-wave, tv set, vacuum cleaner, monitor, computer, printer, xerocopier, hi–fi equipment, iron,
*bigger equipment – 2 vouchers per 1 item of fridge, washing machine, electric oven, dish washer.
4. For each voucher you can get 1 heather or 1 tree.
5. Vouchers will be given only during the event – not longer than 2:00pm and until the stock of plants is exhausted. 


20. September 2017

Senior Citizen Advisory Council

If you live in Mikołów and want to have influence on Seniors' life in our town, you can candidate to become a member of the Senior Citizen Advisory Council.


20. September 2017

Meeting with entrepreneurs from Mikołów

On Friday Sep. 15 at Sośnia Góra a meeting of Mikołów entrepreneurs and the town authorities was held. The main reason for the meeting was “Karta Mieszkańca Gminy Mikołów” (Mikołów Citizen Card) - a project introduced 4 months ago. The partners of the project had earlier been asked to pass the information about the meeting to their colleagues, other businessmen and services providers. It was a good opportunity to get to know each other better as well as to exchange one’s views and suggestions about entrepreneurship. A special survey was prepared for that occasion.
Another meetings with entrepreneurs will be organized in the future. If you are interested, please fill in the survey enclosed. Also, if you are interested in participating in the “Karta Mieszkańca Gminy Mikołów” project, kindly contact Mrs. Anna Matyjas-Szkutnik of Town development Office, phone no. 32 32 48 463.

Link to the survey: goo.gl/pZLYkS



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